PV Portal

From £25

The PV portal allows players and coaches to streamline their data into one central place. All users can upload various types of content such as video, photos, documents and audio in many media formats and from any smartphone, tablet or PC. Each player has their own profile to view all their content and has the ability to start a conversation with any of the coaches within the portal via the notes section.

The portal also includes:

  • Match day highlights     
  • Gym preparation and work
  • Game scores Player assessment surveys (Mental, physical)
  • Fitness tracking
  • Growth rate (Spine MRI)
  • Physiotherapy reporting and updates
  • Bowler workload management (Balls bowled, surface, game or training)
  • Community-wide announcements (Team selection, team performances, player of the week)
  • Video analysis tools
  • Notes and memos

Download Players Guide   Download Coach Guide