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PV/ONE  is a state of the art cricket analysis system, combining motion tracking and video analysis into one tool.

The system has been designed to add both academic and commercial benefits to any cricket playing environment. Affordable to the masses through our unique self-funding player membership scheme. Each player has their own unique profile to build a library of performance outcomes and Videos both locally and online.

ULTRA portable – It all fits into two wheelie bags. All powered from one laptop the system can be used on any cricket playing surface and takes 10 minutes to set up.

BACKWALL: It helps to scan the path of delivery released by a bowler. It allows a player/coach to analyze the deviation and movement of the delivery, coupling it up with the study from pitch sensors.

Software Reports include:

  • Pitch-maps
  • Stumps
  • 3D Trajectory
  • Front foot crease position
  • Line
  • Length
  • Deviation
  • Bounce
  • Pace measurements
  • Video Analysis

Every delivery is automatically available for each player to view via PitchVision App to share and help accelerate learning.

“The ease of use, application & functionality is brilliant.”
Fraser Stewart, MCC Academy – Manager

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