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PV/MATCH is a new scoring technology which is transforming how cricket scoring is captured and presented. With PVM, you can stream live games, score, plot wagon wheels, provide detailed line and length pitch maps and promote matches on Social Media at the push of a button.

Up to three HD cameras automatically connect, capture and tag every ball, providing you comprehensive TV-style coverage and analysis. All of the footage available to view via PV app and naturally aligning with our PV cricket coaching systems PV/ONE and PV/VIDEO. 

Take your team’s cricket to the next level with our fully integrated commercial options, allowing sponsors to watermark live match videos and utilize our organic social media options to grow their business and your team. 

Live Streaming: With the latest update you can Live Stream your match on YouTube & reach to a wider audience. To start streaming link your PitchVision account to your YouTube Channel and broadcast as many matches you want. Switch between the cameras seamlessly. To know more in detail about linking your PV account with YouTube click here

Scoring while RunOut: The latest update will now let you record as well as score during a runout.

7 Ball per Over: In case of an extra delivery bowled the latest build allows us to add it and display it on the scoring screen. 

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