What is PV/Match?
PV/Match is an innovative, modern cricket technology set up by PitchVision for capturing live video and scoring during cricket matches.

How does PV/Match help in scoring during a live cricket match?
PV/Match enables up to 3 HD Cameras to automatically connect, edit and tag every delivery to an individual player during a live game. Whilst also being the simplest scoring app on the market.

What is the spec of the cameras and can i use my own?
PV Cams film at 1280 x 720 @30fps and have been custom built for PVM.

Is PV/Match easy to install and use?
Yes. The set up time is around 15-20mins or can be permanently installed and is specifically designed for use in a cricket environment.

Can I use it immediately?
Yes. You can start capturing and recording a live cricket match as soon as the system is delivered.

Is it portable? 
The system has been designed to be portable. It comes with custom bags allowing easy transportation should it be required.

What does a PV/Match kit consists of?
Up to 3 HD Cameras, 4G connection hub, up to 3 Cat5 cables (150m), supporting tripods and sight screen brackets, pre-loaded tablet (with PVM match software installed)

How long does the system operate for without requiring power?
The system can run for up to 9 hours approx.

Where can I view my match videos?
You can view your recorded content on pitchvision.com and on our PV App available on Android and iOS.

Besides scoring what are the other benefits of PV/Match during a cricket match?
There are in depth wagon wheel and pitch map reports so all deliveries can be tagged precisely providing comprehensive line, length and wagon wheel feedback. You can also share live updates and share your recorded videos on Twitter & Facebook.

How will PV/ Match help in cricket coaching and training?
The very same cameras can be used in training with our PVC software allowing players and coaches to combine performance feedback from the live game and training, a very powerful tool.

Can PV/Match create a highlights reel so I can share my best highlights?

Can we share live updates on social media platforms?
Yes, you can you can automatically share to Twitter and Facebook via the scoring app its self or after the game from PV App.

Can I analyse my videos using PV/Match?
Yes there are several reports available including 3 video reports where drawing tools can be enabled also, pitch map and wagon wheel of every delivery.

Do I need Wi-Fi for scoring and recording a cricket match?
Only if you want to live stream games. Wi-Fi is not necessary for standard filming and scoring. Everything can be uploaded at a more convenient time. (Live streaming available from March 2018)

What is the upload speed required for live streaming?
Anything with a connection speed of more than 2 mpbs will allow the stream to upload. Can I stop a recording in between a match? Yes you can become your own movie director and film as and when you want. (Live Streaming available from March 2018)

How long are my videos available for?
Once you create a profile they are yours for life.

Can I use PV Match to record a full cricket tournament?
Yes. You can use overlays in PV/Match to put your sponsor logos as well.

How many people are required to install a PV Match set up?
One person can set up the whole PV Match set up.

Can I use PV Match only on traditional cricket grounds or any other surface as well?
You can use anywhere where the cameras can be installed properly to capture the cricket match.

Are there any license fees for PV/Match?
No PVM is a free software

Do my players have to pay to see their videos?
No all the videos from the matches are free for anyone to watch.

Are there any other payments required by the owner or the player?
If a player wants to own his own data and store that under their own profile there is a small one off admin fee.

Do I need help in setting up will training be provided?
PV/Match is plug and play and comes with instructions should you require them. We do have customer service reps in all regions of India, UK, South Africa and cover the ROW via screen sharing software.

Can I upgrade and add in more cameras at a later date?
The system has been designed exactly for that purpose.

What is the cost for each additional camera?
The cost for one camera is £499