About Us

Since 2008 PitchVision have been at the forefront of mobile, interactive sports training systems. The company’s core vision is to make television and academy style feedback available at the fingertips of all players every time they train or play.

PitchVision has developed a completely ground-breaking, motion tracking technology. The result is that we can offer an affordable portfolio of real-time player analysis and interactive sports game products that combine all the best elements of bowling machines, motion tracking, video analysis and web technology in one system.

Our products and services operate as a broad-based but fully integrated platform that generates personalised data that truly leverages the power of modern computers and the internet.

PitchVision has customers in 25 Countries and has extensive experience in delivering to high-profile international installations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring every customer has the support and training they need to maximise both the coaching, entertainment and commercial value of their investment in this unique PitchVision technology.

A partnership with PitchVision means that you share in PitchVision’s uniqueness -and that uniqueness becomes your competitive advantage. PitchVision has 78 Employees and offices in the UK, India, Australia and South Africa.