Cricket, Football, Tennis, Squash,… be it any sport, ever wondered if you could capture your matches right from club level? Ever wondered if you could go back and analyse your game? Ever wondered if you could share your match memories? Ever wanted to quickly jump to a specific player, action or highlight without endless browsing? Introducing  PV/Match+, the new multi sport scoring and streaming solution.

PitchVision has been expanding horizons not just within its products, but as a brand. From having proven experience in the cricket arena for 10+ years, the brand is now shaping as a sports technology name with the launch of PV/Match+. The aim is to nourish talents from all sports right from the grassroots.

 PV/Match+ caters for over ten sports, which are adaptable to varying conditions from indoor and outdoor, points, to goal based games. The matches captured can be live streamed on third-party platforms which can be further used for monestising through branding.

Indoor use at Old Actonians Badminton.
Outdoor use at Gibraltar Rugby.

One of the key features is the Interactive Scorecard available for all sports. What is an Interactive scorecard? Unlike the generic scorecard, an Interactive Scorecard is a scorecard with videos in addition to the score details. This means the scorecard includes a video for every action.

The Interactive scorecard generates two types of auto-edited videos, segmented minute-by-minute and tagged clips. The segmented clips are for 60 secs each, while the tagged clips are for 12 secs each, with personalised tags. This makes it easier to label every action specifically. These are auto-updated during the live stream.

PV/Match+ Tags from a Squash match played at the London Open 2019

This enables you to have an auto-edited video for every action as the scorecard updates. For every goal you score, for every six you hit, for every point you score, the scorecard generates a clip. These videos are not limited only to the key moments, it captures all your match memories for a lifetime access. This feature supports every sport captured on the system.

Auto-edited Highlights from the PV/Match System

It does not stop there, you can search for any match moment by simply searching for a particular player or going to that specific minute or over in the match. This cuts down the process of scrolling through an entire match. Also, these snippets can be further enhanced by stitching them into match highlights, which can be branded with customisable logos and shared. It can also be approached from a commercial monetary perspective or simply archived as a memory to share with friends and family, making it flexible and suitable for every user.

Thus, the PV/Match+ interactive scorecard has an array of features ranging from generating automated videos, auto-edited 60 secs clips, 12 sec clips with personalised smart tags; with live-streaming and sharing being  just two of the many features packed into the system. The whole aim is to simplify live-streaming, sharing and above all nurture talent right from the grassroots, by capturing every match moment and making it accessible to all. 

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