PitchVision, Mumbai – Mumbai Cricket Association, the governing body for cricket in Mumbai has been on board with the PitchVision Family since 2017. Since then, MCA has been live-streaming matches and tournaments using the PV/Match system; enabling cricket coverage from grassroots to elite level. 

MCA investing in PV/Match has facilitated in capturing and live-streaming cricket fixtures with a complete interactive scorecard. This further provides valuable insights to players and coaches for analysis with automated video highlights.

An example of the automatic analysis features in the PitchVision App

The 72nd Police Shield was the most recent tournament captured on the system by MCA. The tournament included a total of 27 matches competed by 16 teams representing cricket clubs across the city. It concluded with the final between Parkophene Cricketers and MIG Cricket Club, this included some notable performances from both teams. Jay Bista slammed 196 for Parkophene Cricketers, which was followed by MIG cricketers Gaurav Jathar scoring an unbeaten 153 and Kevin Almeida’s knock of 71 taking the latter to a lead in the first innings. Although the result was a draw, MIG Cricket Club won the tournament on the basis of the first innings lead.


                    Auto Highlights                                                              Ball by Ball Coverage

Capturing the domestic tournament not only increased awareness but also showcased the talents of the city which goes into the DNA of the celebrated Mumbai cricket legacy. PV/Match provides a way to archive these performances for unlimited access. The matches can then be viewed with a complete interactive scorecard and ball-by-ball videos for every action on the PV website. Additionally, the scorecard features automated video highlights making it easier for players and coaches to search for a specific moment in the match. This is enhanced with stats for the complete match and also an option for analysis with drawing tools on the PitchVision mobile app.

Overall, PV/Match is a value-added technology for MCA not only to live-stream matches but acts as a tool for complete player development, from both a match and coaching perspective. “I feel it’s a great concept, especially for players at the grassroots level to have the liberty to watch their videos after a game. PitchVision is doing a great job in making this possible!” commented Jay Bista, cricketer at Mumbai Cricket Team.

 The system is totally portable  and aimed at a full spectrum of users from elite to grassroots.

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