LONDON (PitchVision) – Gibraltar Cricket recently became the latest ICC associate nation to add the PV/CLUB and PV/MATCH systems to their program, becoming the 31st Country PitchVision have entered into.

The PV/CLUB install, which turns a traditional cricket net lane into a censored playing environment, took place at the new Europa Point sports complex. The facility is part of a multi-million-pound development and includes a 4G oval for cricket & rugby, 6 squash courts, 6 badminton courts, hospitality areas as well as the 3 lane state of the art indoor cricket academy.

The Smart Lane includes a pace radar, full-length pitch sensor to pick up the line and length of every delivery, crease sensor for foot placement, back wall for trajectory and deviation, whilst auto synching 3 x HD cams for biomechanical feedback every ball. 

The Pitch sensor being installed underneath the shock pad and carpet.

UK based Durant Cricket helped install the nets and worked closely with the PV install team, ensuring all sensors were configured and fitted correctly under the shock pad. 

“PitchVision will change the way we train as we can see real-time data and get a better appreciation of players strengths and weaknesses” commented Gibraltar General Manager Mark Bacarese 

Gibraltar Cricket have also purchased a PV/Match system allowing them to link both training and live match data into each players portal. The PV/Match system allowing them to live stream every match both home and away and use the automated ball by ball feature to provide instant updates to players and spectators. 

Mark Bacarese General Manager (Bottom right) With Gibraltan players

“It’s exciting to think we have the ability to broadcast our matches to anyone anywhere in the world to watch via computer, tablet or smartphone” Bacarese Commented. 

Gibraltar currently  play in World Cricket League 8, but are hoping to improve on that pretty quickly, already looking to the future with this new infrastructure at Europa Point, to help develop players and showcase the game to new members in a fun, modern and entertaining manner. 

An example of the feedback players can receive instantly per delivery.

“We are really excited to add our 31st country and partner with Gibraltar Cricket, Europa Point is a world-class facility and from tracking performance data in training, to live match streaming PitchVision is going to have a huge impact on Gibraltar’s players, coaches, and fans. I would strongly recommend anyone with a vested interest in Cricket to check it out”  Neil Fairbairn PitchVision, Commercial Director.

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