LONDON (PitchVision) has been expanding horizons not just with the latest products but also as a brand. From having proven experience in the cricket industry, the brand is now shaping as a multi sports technology with the launch of PV/Match+. Designed to help the mass market showcase their events and matches in a quick and affordable fashion.

PV/Match+ caters for more than ten sports, which is adaptable to a range of sporting conditions, from indoor to outdoor,and points to goal based games. The matches captured can be live streamed on third party platforms which can be further used for monetising through on-screen branding.

Ready to pull out the box and use on arrival, PVM+ is totally portable fitting into one wheelie bag, eliminating the need for high cost third party streaming companies and production overheads.

“Having a system like this available at grassroots is a game changer, everyone loves watching themselves. PV/Match+ provides unique benefits both academically and commercially for an amateur club” said client Erik Kristensen, Club Manager at Old Actonians Sports Club in London.

PV/Match+ has taken all the learnings from PV’s cricket products.  Especially in the sub-continent where limited internet and power can at times be restrictive to such an extent, that other such tech in the market place simply doesn’t work. The unique “Match Tracker” feature allows a user to capture with or without internet and upload after the event has finished, whilst the cameras are powered by the PV HUB which can last for up to 7 hours in the field.

“Making PV/Match+ affordable, easy to use and versatile, opens up a full spectrum of users at various levels. From schools, colleges and clubs to engage and promote talent to tournament organisers and Governing bodies looking to inspire and increase participation. We cater for them all”.  Rohan Timblo CEO, PitchVision

PV/Match+ in use with Gibraltar Rugby

One of the key features is the Interactive Scorecard included for all sports. What is an interactive scorecard? Unlike a static scorecard, an Interactive Scorecard is a scorecard with videos in addition to the written score details. This means, the scorecard includes video for every action, all of which can be consumed via the mobile app available on iOS and Android.

The Interactive scorecard generates two types of auto-edited videos, segmented minute-by-minute and tagged clips. The segmented clips are for 60 secs each while the tagged clips are for 12 secs each with personalised bespoke tagging available. This makes it easier to view and access after the event. These are auto updated instantly during the HD live stream.

“With the general sports fans appetite for consuming both live coverage and highlights on the up it was a natural shift to move the system into the  multi sport arena. One of the key design considerations for  PV/Match+, was allowing users to interact with the match in real-time and have highlights instantly available, even whilst the game is still going on.” Neil Fairbairn Commercial Director, PitchVision.

Live stream from Junior British Squash Open

The system has been recently used by  Squash England during the Dunlop British Open at Nottingham University.

“Its quick and easy to set upand we don’t have the cost overheads of bringing in a streaming company, the on-screen graphics and overlay bring the streaming side to life.” Luke Humphrey, Squash England

PV Match+ could be just the tool to help take your engagements with players, coaches, and fans to the next level.

Watch for more details.

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