Oxfordshire Cricket has become the latest customer who has come on board with our player management system, PV/Portal.

The minor county has issued memberships to players who are part of their Emerging Players Programme (EPP). Oxfordshire has a strong link with Sussex CCC, who also utilize the portal. This allows Sussex coaches to see what players have been up to who are involved with both counties. Oxfordshire has been using the portal to profile players during the offseason. Videos have been captured via our app and uploaded to individual player’s profiles to provide feedback of what they have been working on during a specific session. Players and coaches then have the ability to write notes on video’s and documents as a way of creating that ongoing conversation. 

Oxford workload and video analysis

Via the app and on the web, players have the ability to enter workload management, match stats, fill out assessment criteria and enter details of other various sporting activities they may be involved in. This allows coaches to keep track of their players and their workloads.

In the past coaches have had footage of players in training and matches which they have stored on phones, email, Dropbox, and various other storage devices. The portal has enabled the county to keep players data all in one central location, and easily accessible for coaches involved.

Performance Cricket Manager

Matt Barnes, the Performance Cricket Manager for Oxfordshire Cricket had the following to say about the Portal:

“The introduction of the Pitchvision Player Management Portal to our Emerging Players Programme has enhanced our ability to take an integrated approach to player development and assisted us in providing an environment that prepares our players for long-term success.

The Pitchvision Player Management Portal has enabled our coaches and players to upload various types of content such as videos, photos, and documents into one centralized location. Our players have the ability to view the captured content on their profiles, to manage their workloads and record their session reflections via notes – it has been great to see the players on the programme taking responsibility for their own development.

The Pitchvision Portal will continue to add value to the quality of the Emerging Players Programme delivered within Oxfordshire and help us to produce an oversupply of players who can progress into the Senior teams or beyond into professional cricket.”

We look forward to continuing to work with Oxfordshire and assist in the development of their emerging players.

For more information on PV/Portal for your club or school –  info@pitchvision.com

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