David Hall, scorer for the Netherlands Women’s team, ICC Europe, and Oxford University, has recently invested in PV Match.  David has been involved with the Netherlands Women’s side for the past couple of years and wanted to improve the analysis that he could provide for the players.

“Over the past few years, I’ve been providing scoring and some basic analysis for the Netherlands Women’s side. It’s always been done using just numbers and wagon wheels. At the start of this season, I purchased the PitchVision Match Set to allow greater analysis with the videos.”

The Netherlands Women’s Cricket XI have recently taken part in the Global ICC World T20 Qualifiers in Holland between 3-14 July. David used PV Match during this tournament to provide feedback for the players involved.

“The system is very easy to use, and the quality of the videos produced are great. Throughout this season I’ve been able to sit down with the player after the games, and they can review their footage looking at how they’ve been playing, shot selection, bowling lines and lengths and fielding, both highlights and “lowlights”. The girls have loved being able to see themselves on film and look at what they have been doing and finding areas to improve on.”

The side has also had fixtures this summer in the UK against Cornwall, Wiltshire and Dorset to prepare themselves for the T20 Qualifiers. This, along with an extensive training programme throughout the winter and leading up to the tournament along with the added valuable video analysis made available through PV Match has prepared the players to be more focussed.

“PitchVision Match also has the added advantage of each video being “tagged” to the players involved in the clip, with each player being able to have an account and log into seeing their profile any time they like and see their videos at any time.”

Access to the Videos and the Player Management Portal was given to coaches involved with the Women’s national side, which has assisted them being able to work on techniques and skills with various individuals.

“With coaches having access to all players assigned to them, they can also have the ability to view videos and look at what they want to work on with different players.

Overall PitchVision Match is a wonderful tool and allows players, coaches, team staff and officials to progress and improve their game.”

We hope to continue working closely with David Hall, as well as the Netherlands Women’s side as they continue to climb the international rankings.

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