“Claremont School plays cricket right from the prep school to the senior school. We are lucky to have the PitchVision system, it is already having an impact on not only the performance squad but also those who are aspiring to join that squad. The support from PitchVision has been fantastic and has allowed for a smooth transition into the cricket programme. Our players can now see the performance from the nets that evening instantly via the PitchVision App on their mobile phones.”



“Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy are happy to integrate PitchVision’s cricket technology, PV/ONE to be specific. It is not only helping the players to improve their game but also benefiting coaches to guide players accordingly depending on player’s game. And most importantly it is helping to boost player’s confidence as they are able to see their errors on the screen and they are putting efforts in improving their game.”


“PitchVision is an incredible system. Since getting it in we have been able to analyze every aspect of the players game instantly. Technical analysis, tactical implementation, skills work and feedback plus it’s lots of fun and everyone loves using it. It has improved the way we train and coach, it gives the players and coaches a different perspective. I think the ability for each player and coach to review sessions when and where they need to is brilliant.

PitchVision has also helped increase our commercial value & professional reputation as an organization. We will be getting the PV/MATCH for the 2018 season and upgrading to the PV/Batting Studio by the end of 2018.”


“PitchVision live streaming and video feedback is a fantastic visual aid for the players and coaches at Magdalen College School. It will help with technical and tactical aspects of the game, both individually and as a squad, to enable us to reach new limits.”


“First of all thanks a lot for providing your product in my academy. The day I started using PitchVision as a coaching tool it made my job easier. It helps me to get the faults of  the player far easier and to correct it as well. It even helps my students to get their videos on their phone. They get to know what they played throughout the day. Not only my players but also their parents. It’s pretty much similar to report cards. PitchVision is a guide for the coaches. As a coach, PitchVision is a great tool.”

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