The PV team were recently invited to the Emirates Riverside Stadium to assist in profiling the Durham emerging academy players prior to the 2018 season.

The session took place with Academy Director John Windows and 2nd XI coach Neil Killeen. Having been setup and using the PV/Portal to good effect ‘manually’, Durham wanted to utilise and automate the procedure for collecting data via the PitchVision coaching systems.

Durham can now automatically update every academy players timeline with a series of performance related assessments, all generated organically by PitchVision’s PV/ONE and PV/VIDEO systems which provide 90 FPS HD footage, and each player having access to this information any time.

Main objectives:

  • Enhance the players quality of data feedback
  • Simplify the ease of set up and collection 
  • Standardise performance based criteria prior to pre season
  • Simplify the ease of administration after the sessions 
  • Identify cause & effect 
  • Create a blue print for KPIs and assessment throughout different levels of the organisation

The Durham coaching staff wanted to collect footage of each player over several disciplines. The same assessment parameters were set across the board for the sessions, below we can see the PitchVision software and the various interactive reports used:


What was captured: Diving (left / right), Head on, Low (Left / Right)    


What was captured: Short Delivery (Cut / Pull / Duck), Full delivery (Drive, whip to leg, defend), Hitting over the top (Mid Off, Mid On)



What was captured: Stock, Short, Slower ball, Yorker, (Spin any variation ball) 

Showreel Report:

What was captured: Each video broken down into 8 automatic frames.


What was captured: 3 camera angles, Ball stationary pick up throw at stumps, moving ball grounded throw at stumps, moving ball one bounce throw at stumps.

The PV/VIDEO and PV/ONE systems have been designed to create a seamless collection of video and objective data outcomes from the training floor straight into the PV/PORTAL and PV/APP. With automatic triggers for cameras and sensors, this enables data capture to take place, without the need for rigorous and time consuming human resources. Ideal for any club, school or academy looking to advance the development of their players.

All of the data is available for each player and coach to view, compare and analyse players skills sets. Every player then has access to the PitchVision App allowing them to review, share, and critique their own performance in their own time. 

Here is what John Windows, Academy Director had to say about the PitchVision system, and the profiling day:

“The day provided high quality footage instantly allowing players to make assessments s about their game.

The software allows easy collection of a large amount of footage and removes the labour associated with tagging and editing.

I cannot speak highly enough of the pitch vision system and the support that was available to set things up.

The players have been using their portals and viewing the footage.

Each player will now contribute to constructing their development plan starting in the new year.”

John Windows – Academy Director

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