“Since investing in the PV Video system back in August this year I’ve been impressed with not only the system but the following service from the guys at Pitch Vision. Ultimately I want to build up to the full PV One System and integrate it into several academies I’m involved within and around South East Queensland. I’ve found the ease with which the video is captured to be especially beneficial as I’m usually working on my own and to be able to set the equipment up quickly and then have it record each bowler or batter without me physically have to push buttons allows me the freedom to continue coaching.

The instant video playback is very useful in one on one or small group sessions as well. I find it helpful for the player to not only know how it feels to execute his or her technique but to be able to associate how it looks with how it feels, I believe this is crucial in speeding up any remediation.”

“It’s very useful to have video available instantly as you can tell a player what they’re doing wrong, but the power of being able to show them is infinitely better. From a coaching perspective, it’s great to have the player profiles so you can constantly review each player’s development and use it to spot any areas they’ve improved (or deteriorated). I love the system and highly recommend it.”

“Pitch Vision is an incredible system and a must have for all modern coaches. The system allows us to analyze every aspect of the players game. We have our PV system on throughout the day with each player using their own Pitch Vision ID so that all the data is uploaded directly to their own profiles. Technical analysis, tactical implementation and results, skills work and feedback plus its lots of fun. Our students and coaches love it! Pitch Vision is the next step in cricket coaching.”

“We’re really excited to have PitchVision at our club, especially in terms of the live streaming online, and the video feedback players can get. With PitchVision we are going to upload all the player’s personal performances onto their own accounts for training purposes.”

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