“Since I have added the PitchVision technology at Pure Cricket, I have received fantastic feedback from both players and parents. On top of this, it is really helpful for both coaches and players to identify everything in-depth. I am really pleased with PitchVision’s customer service team for their support. I would highly recommend PitchVision 200% to any organization or academy if they want to work with modern coaches.” 


“Using PitchVision as a coaching aid has produced some real results. Ability to provide live feedback and store data to then analyze later is helping to show progress.” 


“The Taranaki Cricket Association are very excited about the prospect of taking our coaching and player development to another level with the arrival of the PitchVision video analysis system. Aside from a large number of players at the junior age group levels within the Taranaki system who will benefit from this analysis software, Taranaki’s high-performance first-class players will also be able to benefit from the extra feedback and awareness of their batting that the programme provides. Tom Bruce ( Blackcaps T20 and Central Stags), William Young (Central Stags captain and New Zealand (A), Kaylum Boshier (New Zealand Under 19), Dean Robinson (Central Stags), Mattie Thomas (Central Stags) and Monique Rees (Central Hinds) are all local Taranaki products. The system will also allow our local coaching staff to enhance their coaching level and service to players by having access to this review and give feedback from their sessions.” 

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