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With PitchVision’s live streaming and video feedback functionality players can discuss their performances with the coach by comparing match footage and a training video. Lots of our supporters have shown interest to live streaming and were impressed with the footage of the final we played a few weeks ago at Taunton. From now on, we will stream all our home game through PitchVision.

Many club cricketers want to develop and take their game to the next level. Other sports in UK are already using similar technology for analyzing players’ performances. Cricket clubs should also use this technology to help their players to recognize their true potential.

A fantastic innovation in coaching and scoring, PitchVision’s pinpoint analysis with visual evidence whilst coaching players is of great advantage to coaches and players both.

With PV Match’s social media sharing function we will push live coverage out to our large following around the world. And by adding PV ONE’s training footage with the match footage we are sure it will take our coaching program to the next level. In 2018 we will add PV Match to our club facilities.​​

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