Bangladesh Cricket have invested in PV/ONE to assist in profiling and tracking the progress of players involved in their national setup.

They are also using it as a tool to identify talent, and also to analyse and track the remedial work of any suspect bowling actions.

The video analysis capture and having 3 video feeds running at one time has been extremely successful and useful for the coaches and players to work on technical aspects of bowling actions. With the ability to couple the video playback with bowling data such as line, length, bounce, deviation and pace has been invaluable for young up and coming players within Bangladesh Cricket.

Nasir Ahmed, the head analyst for the Bangladesh Cricket Board says:

“With the data capability and measuring tools, I find the PV system very useful. Alongside the mobile app and online interactive platform PV is very effective”

We are looking forward to working closely with Bangladesh Cricket as they continue to progress on the international stage.

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