PitchVision travelled down to  Millfield School recently to install our all new PV Cams. The cameras shoot at 90fps and allow up to three synchronised feeds per delivery. 

Throughout the day pupils at Millfield attended various coaching sessions in their unique ‘Cricket Bubble’ facility. Under the watchful eye of Mark Garaway, the former England Assistant Coach/Performance Analyst and his coaching team, they put players from various age groups through a wide range of drills and coaching aspects.

This included players bowling on PV/ONE to gain valuable feedback in terms of line, length, bounce, deviation and pace combined with video analysis. The objective data gathered from each session, enabled the coaches to focus on specific points that each player has been working on, as well as adding fun and competition to make training more diverse.

During the day we had a couple of visitors attend to see the technology in action first hand. Including Alan Willows from Sherborne School, and Matthew Maynard (1st team coach) and Steven Snell (Academy Director and 2nd team coach) from Somerset CCC.

“It’s great how players can get instantaneous feedback during training sessions, and for coaches and players to track progress” – Steven Snell (Somerset CCC Academy Director & 2nd team coach)

Here’s to a successful 2017 season for Millfield School

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