July 3, 2017
Winning is important but for most cricketers it’s not the only thing, and that’s a problem. Other factors can easily take over and define you far more than the quest for victory: Jobs, family, escapism from the daily grind. That means you can be unfocused and inconsistent as a team. It’s also frustrating for those...
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Cricket Ireland and Afghanistan have been awarded Test match status by the ICC in the past week; fantastic news for both countries. The Cricket Ireland story is personally special. It provides a fantastic example of how a clear vision and direction can result in an organisation achieving the seemingly impossible. I have seen teams and...
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You have been doing well. Runs and wickets flow. Your team is winning. Then an unexpected result puts you on the skids. Have you lost form? Are you untalented? This is the problem for my team right now. After a ripping start, the batting unit have failed to chase 166 and 141 in 50 over...
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